Latte Boston was Co-Founded by Morgan and Laurel Britt-Webb.  

Morgan has been a barista at Elizabeth Home ~ Petal & Press since its grand opening. Petal & Press is the cafe of Elizabeth Home located at 242 Commonwealth Avenue, Chestnut Hill, MA ( In addition to coffee and tea, Petal and Press offers fresh flowers, tabletop accessories, original art, vintage finds and more.

When not a neighborhood barista, Morgan is studying Neuroscience and Computer Science. It was her vision to create a memorable pop-up experience bringing a premium café to your location and special event.

Laurel has been in the coffee industry for nearly 20 years. Her primary role is working with strategic partners to elevate their coffee and tea programs. Over the years, she has trained "nearly a zillion" baristas in cafes, hotels and restaurants on how to prepare the perfect espresso-based drink!

Launching Latte Boston together couldn't be a more rewarding partnership for this mother-daughter team.
Our Corporate Commitment
We are committed to empowering and elevating women. 
We will donate 1% of profits to organizations that support this mission to help women.
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